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The Basics of Bodybuilding Nutrition

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What you need to know as a body builder is that you diet can not be same as that of some one who is not pursuing any body building endeavors. One major characteristic of the body building diet are the small frequent feedings right through the course of day. The diet of a body builder is leveraged on small meals distributed in several intervals, up to 6 meals right through the course of the day. There are various advantages to this. The first is that the tradition routine of three meals away has to be replaced if someone has to see the results of their works our program leveraged on a feasible diet. The traditional three meals a day routine often results in over-eating which works contrary to the aims of burring fat and balancing the aspect of weight loss with muscle gain. The second reason is that when you eat frequently you increase you metabolism which therefore means that you are in condition where more and more fat is burned.

What the foregoing means is that numerous feedings are important as they prevent the body from switching into a catabolic state which is a bad state where-in you lose muscle and gain fat. What happens in this scenario is that the body gets to 'believe' it is starving and it starts to feed on the lean muscle tissues while on the other end it starts to store calories as fat. This therefore calls for you as a bodybuilder to eat between 6-8 meals a day also depending on your gender and goals. The feedings have to be placed at the 2-1/2 to 3 hour intervals.

The second basic principle in a body building diet is that all meals must be balanced in terms of the presence and proportions of nutrition. This translates to a straight forward fact that every meal must have carbohydrates, the good fats and proteins. Meals that are not balanced for instance those that are biased towards one nutritional component will not help you to achieve your goals.

The critical point by extension is based on the fact the body is not able to absorb any nutrition component in the absence of the other. The body needs the energy value of carbohydrates to be able absorb proteins. If say your body lacks the energy giving carbohydrates it means that the body will not have enough energy to turn the protein needed into the needed muscle. What also has to be underscored here is that intake of specific macronutrient have to be appropriate if you are to achieve your goals. Below is presentation of the desired proportionalities.

Carbohydrates- 40%

Protein- 40%


The other point worthy noting here is that your calories have to be cycled. This is so that your metabolic system does not get used to a certain metabolic level. This would lead to stagnant if not negative results. Bodybuilders who are interested in body sculpting have to alternate between two weeks of lower calories which is around 2000 for the male and 1200 for females followed by the other weeks of higher calories (consisting of about 2500 for men as well as 1500 for the females).

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