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Caribbean Bodybuilding Community

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The bodybuilding community in the Caribbean have been making strenuous efforts recently not just to work toward the best physiques possible, but to eliminate the scourge of doping from their sport. This week, the president of the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BBFF) Danny Sumner said that all indications were that the strategy is working, with a sharp decline in the number of positive results found in doping tests across the region.

Mr Sumner said that bodybuilding in the Caribbean has suffered in the past from stains on its character, due to a minority that use illegal physique-building drugs and bodybuilding supplements, but it is now getting itself properly cleaned up.

"There has been a major decline in positive doping tests," he said.

"We haven't had any positive tests in this country for quite some time. The decline in numbers has also been seen in the Caribbean. All of this is due to the fact that the anti-doping program, which was initiated when World Anti-Doping Agency took over, is in place now. All of the presidents from around the Caribbean are pleased to make that announcement.

Mr Sumner went on to argue that the International Federation for Bodybuilding's (IFBB) doping procedures had clearly helped to clean the sport, leading to a clean bill of health for bodybuilders competing at regional and international levels.

We've seen this trend trickle down to countries such as The Bahamas," he added.

Anti-doping procedures were put in place by the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) arm of the IFBB the last time the region hosted the bodybuilding and fitness championships, such as the establishment of a regional Anti-Doping Commission.

"It makes the local presidents within the region feel good that we have not had a major positive result," Mr Sumner said.

We've worked really hard on this and for this day to come. Coming out of CAC and the sub regions like the Antilles, we are pleased. It is good because we are definitely looking forward to having another clean year in bodybuilding. It has been a big help now. What we have done prior to the Anti-Doping Commission was test during and after weigh-ins. Athletes were selected randomly. That was a good thing."

The next step for the BBFF is to host a series of bodybuilding clinics and educational seminars to raise awareness of doping and to promote the idea of muscle-building with high-protein foods and natural bodybuilding supplements, rather than risky drugs.

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