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Blowout Banquet

By Ben Pakulski Mi40

If your serious about your bodybuilding you probably follow a fairly strict diet most of the time. And that’s great – that’s how you get the lean, ripped body lines. However, every now and then you need to give your body a little something different to deal with – a blowout banquet.

One rule applies - a blowout banquet should be centered on good nutrition. Here is how it might look for breakfast: If your standard breakfast is something like 3 eggs, toast, orange juice, then a blowout banquet breakfast would crank up the food level:

6-8 eggs with cheese and spinach, 4 ounces of ham, 20 ounces of milk, bowl of oatmeal with honey.

This larger meal provides a surge of protein and related growth inducing nutrients that flow to your muscles. So this sounds great, right? Why not eat like this all the time? You might get fat. Constant eating at this level can cause you to start to become fat. However, a single overload meal on occasion will not make you fat, and will give your muscles a much appreciated boost.

The same thing can apply to a lunch. If you normally eat 6 ounces of chicken and some salad and a glass of tea, crank up the intake for the blowout banquet. Have 10 ounces of chicken, 6 ounces of fish, a small salad, a couple of cups of yoghurt, and a couple of bananas.

The bodybuilder’s blowout banquet revolves around nutritious food, and lots of it. Again, just doing this on occasion will not make you fat.

The blowout banquet works especially well after a hard workout. Your muscles and the calorie burn will make your body ready for something good, and with a blowout banquet you can give it to them.

How often should you perform the blowout? Every month or so will do the trick.

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